Artist: suehirogari

Japanese Manga-ka specializing in BDSM and Exhibitionism. Combines other elements at will -- has done shota, loli, yuri and yaoi at random points in his career. Used to have a website, however, it went down in early 2001 and was never re-uploaded.

Several of his works have been translated by the Munyu Heavy Industries team.

Early works of his were translated professionally by Eros Comix under the “Sexhibition” line, making Suehirogari one of the first hentai artists that many Manga fans from the 80s and 90s ever saw.

Rather infamous on 2ch for his lack of ability to keep up schedules. Currently doing Somuniiru in Comic Megamilk (which is what Comic 0EX was renamed to) every other month.

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