Artist: bkub

Blogger famous for his 4koma, which rarely make sense, and the signature :3 face they usually feature. His most notable comics include Poptepipic, a story about two maladjusted girls doing random, odd things; a Touhou series where everyone seems to be reading too much into each other except for Chen who never says anything; an Idolmaster Cinderella Girls series which stars the unit Ankira; Risubokkuri, about a squirrel trying to persuade a girl into making him her pet; and 3LDKM, a story about an apartment that comes with a robot maid.

Artist name: bkub (ぶくぶ)
Full name: 大川 ぶくぶ (Ookawa Bukubu)
Circle name: フミンバイン (Fuminbain)

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