Artist: fishine

Female Taiwanese artist, character designer, illustrator, eromangaka.

Nickname: Fishine / 魚生
Pen name (doujinshi): 比目魚先生 / Mr.Flatfish
Circle name: 熊掌社|Bear Hand
The other circle member (the "Turtle" in Turtle.Fish.Paint) is screenwriter and artist, 俺正讀. [Pen name (doujinshi): 阿鼻龜仙人 (Abi Kamesennin)]
The two are also part of the circle, Service Heaven / サービスヘブン, which helps publish their works in Japanese.
Japanese pen names:
- Doujinshi: New (since C85): ひらめ (Hirame) | Old: カレイ (Karei)
- Commercial eromanga: 比目魚 (Hirame)

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