Artist: tanuki yousuke

Artist. Main artist of Sanbikiga Kittari Tsuitari Moyashitari. Was known long ago as Naritaya and did a lot of animal ears style furry characters.

Most of the girls in his webpage are students of the 私立たぬき学園 (Tanuki Private School); the theme of which is a slightly (extremely) lewd high school life. Tanuki are fertility spirits, and since the school principal is a Tanuki, it rubs off on the students.

Artist name: 田貫 庸介 (Tanuki Yousuke)
Currently used nickname: たぬき (Tanuki)
Nickname mainly used as an Alice soft staff: 成田屋 or なりたや (Narita-ya or Naritaya)
Old nickname: まくす (Makusu or Max)
Old nickname used in Naritaya Doubutsu Land: なりたや秀太朗
Site name: たぬきの巣穴 (Tanuki no Suana)
Blog name: たぬきのにっきちょう (Old name: いろいろらんど2)
Old website name: なりたやどーぶつランド or 成田屋どーぶつランド (Naritaya Doubutsu Land, Naritaya's Furries Land)
Old Toyguns-themed website name: おとなの玩具箱 (Otona no Omocha-bako, NARITAYA'S Toybox)
Pixiv ID: tanukiudon

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