Artist: etogami kazuya

Artist, illustrator.

Japanese name: 干支神 一夜 (Etogami Kazuya)
Name as an online novelist/writer: 燈宮 仮月 (Hinomiya Kaduki or Hinomiya Kazuki)
The other names: "arguments", 干支神, えとがみ or "etogami"
Old names: 一夜 浄維 (Ichiya Joui), 薄夜 浄維 (Hakuya Joui) or 遊幻 (Yuugen)
Solo circle name: Chaos-Edge Works
Site name: Chaos-Edge Works.com
Old site names: "◆Twinight" or "Night Fall×Day Break"

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Judging from this NicoLive announcement log, this person is possibly related to circle Chaos-Edge Works in some way, but there is no clear evidence:

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