Artist: keuma

Artist, illustrator, mangaka and game designer, known for his pen-and-paper RPGs including Tenra Bansho(u), Angel Gear and Alshard.

Name as a doujinshi artist: 希有馬 or けうま (Keuma)
Mainly-used nickname: 井上 純弌 (Inoue Jun'ichi)
Real name: 井上 純一 (Inoue Jun'ichi)
Circle name: 希有馬屋 (Keumaya or Keuma-ya)

His nickname was frequently mistaken for 井上淳弐 (Inoue Junji). So, he decided to use 井上純一 for his 'Chinese Wife' comic book published by Enterbrain. He actually used the name "Inoue Junji" in his very early days, though.

For his artist self-insert or some other artists' real life insert, use this character tag: Inoue_Jun'ichi

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