Artist: caryo

Five artists contribute to this site: tabigarasu (たびがらす), Takeda_Yukimura (剛田幸村), nanashino (ななしの), pau (パぅ), and midori_boushi (緑帽子). On the site, their images are usually signed as such, and the gallery page indicates which image is by which artist as well.

Images are signed in the following format

Only the date given (ie http://www.caryo.net/080122_p2.jpg) = tabigarasu
Initials mb given before the date (ie http://www.caryo.net/mbmari-panntu.gif) = midori_boushi
Character name only (ie http://www.caryo.net/supa6.jpg) = Nanashino (seems to have changed to na_copyrightN.ext since at least oct 2012)
Date given then tam at the end (ie http://www.caryo.net/080311tam.jpg) = Takeda_Yukimura

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