Artist: miyatake kazutaka

Miyatake Kazutaka (宮武 一貴) (Born September 21, 1949) is a japanese anime designer known for the mechanical design of the MACROSS series and a number of its continuations from Studio Nue. He has also contributed to the mecha design of other series such as Uchuu Senkan Yamato, Techno Police 21C, Ulysses 31, Crusher Joe, Orguss, Seisenshi Dunbine, Gunbuster, RahXephon, Sousei no Aquarion and Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.

Miyatake also designed the power suits in the 1988 OVA Uchuu No Senshi, which he originally created for the Japanese edition of the novel Starship Troopers in the early 80s.

Miyatake Kazutaka seems to be the most easily overlooked man in mecha design despite being a prolific artist. He has displayed a versatile style and attention to detail that is impressive to behold. Miyatake has been described many times as the silent backbone of Studio Nue.

Notable Designs:

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