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The bulk update request #30 has been approved by @Hyozen.

rename test_artist_123 -> test_artist_124
rename bipbopbap -> bipbopbap2
rename navertest1 -> blogtest
rename syego -> ca_yu_test
rename kanpancake -> 36iiitest
rename shapoco -> ponntest
rename artist2 -> whatever
create alias clouble -> zhang_cup
rename navertest1 -> clouble

1. Renaming a deleted artist tag;
2. Renaming a non-deleted artist tag;
3. I've changed blogtest's category to general without deleting the artist entry first, see here;
4. I've deleted the entry and then changed the category, see here;
5. Renamed the former 36iiitest to artist 25, deleted links and then the entry, but didn't change the remaining 36iiitest tag's category to general (so it's an empty artist tag, which danbooru marks with an underline);
6. Same as 6 (renamed it to artist 26), but without ever adding the tag to any post, you can't check it because testbooru doesn't have tags history, but in the end it seems it doesn't change anything.
7. Same (artist 27), but I've changed its category to general this time.
8. Moving alias through renames (incomplete testing from forum #215679 from danbooru, this time the source tag isn't deleted);
9. navertest1 should be indirectly aliased to zhang cup, through clouble as intermediary, if everything works properly.

Click here for the latest screenshot right before approving this BUR and the proof for both points 5 and 7.


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  • Conclusions:

    • 1. Renaming/aliasing a deleted artist tag won't move the URLs, other names and edit history;
    • 2. But it works with a non-deleted artist tag, of course;
    • 3 and 4. It doesn't matter if the tag is defined as a general, if you don't rename the target tag to something else to leave a free slot to the name, the edit history will be lost;
    • 5 and 6. If you rename the target tag, you don't need to change its category to general, the edit history will be preserved either way;
    • 7. This one failed because I didn't noticed that artist2 was a deleted tag, it doesn't matter though, if it works without changing the category, it definitely works changing the category. It also worked when I did it on forum #216704;
    • 8. Didn't work as I expected, I'll try again;
      • 8.2. It worked in the BUR below, renaming only move aliases when you rename the target tag, not the tag that has been aliased and deleted, it makes sense and I
        should've expected it. So that means what I did in forum #215679
        would never work as it was shown above, it's the same scenario.


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